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We strive to exceed your needs

Home Instead Senior Care and our team of CAREGivers make the effort to understand and exceed the needs of every client and their families.

When these needs are altered, we are quick to tailor our services to ensure our clients are always satisfied and their families are confident that their loved ones receive the best personal home help, care and support they deserve.

Client testimonials

We asked some of our clients and their families to provide feedback on their experience in receiving services from Home Instead Senior Care in Ipswich & Brisbane South. Here is what they had to say:

We received this amazing testimonial from a client's daughter on the anniversary of her mother passing away, having received palliative care from our team:

"If only everyone knew there was someone there to help care for their loved ones as they age at home; in sickness and in health. Home Instead do not provide a "package" of care restricted by hours, rules and availability. They meet the real need of their client (and their families) and adapt their care over time as required. Our family has enormous gratitude and respect for the team of carers who worked with us, alongside us, and in our absence, to afford our mother the dignity, quality of life, safety and security that could not have been found in any facility; acute or long term. Furthermore, the managerial and administrative support provided by Home Instead, allowed our carers to deliver their service seamlessly. We will be forever grateful."

Dr Gigi Sutton
26 February 2014

At 83 years of age, Mum has had Parkinson’s for over 10 years. She had been managing very well until a sudden decline a year ago. She went into hospital for 2 weeks as family and medical staff tried to determine what had caused the sudden change. After a further 8 weeks in a rehabilitation hospital, and with a comprehensive range of advice from medical specialists, we came to the conclusion that her prescribed medication was a major contributor to that episode of instability– too much of her Parkinson’s medication could have frightening side effects, and with too little, she would feel the full force of immobility associated with this disease. It also became obvious during this period that mum would need a lot more assistance at home.

Dealing with mum’s doctors and specialists, physiotherapist, speech pathologist, community care providers, the Aged Care Managements Team (ACAT), Home Assist, social worker, accountant, solicitor, along with visiting local aged care homes and trying to assess all the options, was quite overwhelming and stressful for all the family. We all supported mum in her desire for life to go back to how it was, for her to be happy at home. During this period we interviewed Home Instead and mum responded immediately, wanting their representative to stay with her then and there!

We employed Home Instead on a part time basis, which gradually increased to full time care (24hrs, 7 days). Right from the start, Home Instead were clear about what they could and couldn’t do, and the level of responsibility they would undertake. Our experience with hospitals and the medical system had been that even in the best facilities, with all the medical services on hand, there were important personal touches that were missed and that these were critical to mum’s well being – often little things like making sure she had her glasses so that she could see, being able to open a juice carton in order for her to drink, calming her anxiety through care and touch rather than sedation and medication.

Being at home has had a huge impact on mum’s well-being – possibly the biggest, single, beneficial factor - and we couldn’t have done that without Home Instead. Home Instead have been able to provide mum with the level of care she needs, so that she feels safe and comfortable in her home and garden, and able to do as much as she feels capable of. The carers from Home Instead treat mum with understanding, respect and affection, and most importantly, are supported by a strong professional framework. When something has gone wrong, which it inevitably will, i.e. a fall, an anxiety attack that won’t subside, their system has provided an immediate, consistent, high quality response. Nothing can be as it was, there is a lot we could all wish for regarding mum’s health, but with Home Instead we are confident we have the best of what can be achieved.

Jane Grealy

On advice from the retirement village staff, my brothers and I contacted Home Instead to care for our mother 'Bu' who was suffering from dementia but adamant that she wished to live independently.

Initially the care was two hours a day but it progressed to four hours and then overnight care over a 14 month period.

Initially, we had concerns as 'Bu' has a very determined personality but the carers gained her trust and soon she was looking forward to their coming.

At all times we were impressed by and had confidence in the professional care that 'Bu' received. In particular, the hand over information given from one carer to another and also to us.

It was never too hard for the staff and carers to change their routine to meet our mother’s needs. This gave us huge relief and confidence that 'Bu' was receiving the best care for her needs however they would change. 

I would be happy to recommend Home Instead Senior Care to any of my friends in a similar situation.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Abrahams

“The first memory I have of Thelma is her arriving with her sleeping bag and special pillow at 8.45 every night to monitor my sleeping 24/7.  Her smiling face gave me confidence and her nursing background soon became very evident in her competent and caring manner.

Thelma and I enjoyed a good relationship and lots of laughs.  One night she showed her lighter side when, instead of immediately getting me ready for bed when she arrived, she instead took two chairs and arranged them side by side in front of the television and produced two chocolate icecreams, which we proceeded to eat as if we were  in the cinema.  This delightful gesture did more for me than any special therapy.”

W. Sivyer

To Home Instead Senior Care,

Cheryl was my first CAREGiver. Cheryl stayed with me overnight when my husband went to hospital. I was very fond of Cheryl, she was very good to me and looked after me extremely well. She was always on time and had several long overnight sessions with me. I felt very safe with Cheryl, we had a lot of laughs together. 

I wish Cheryl as much happiness as she gave me.

Mary Mason

I have known Thelma since March 2008; when she came to our residence from Home Instead Senior Care, as a personal assistant, for my wife Nancy, who was in need of professional care.

It became obvious right from the start, that Thelma was highly trained in all categories of aged care.

Her expertise and knowledge is outstanding. Very caring, devoted, reliable and compassionate to Nancy. A strong bond of friendship soon developed between Nancy & Thelma.  It never ceases to amaze me and my family how Thelma brings Nancy to life, gets her to talk and most gratifyingly to see is the continuous smile from Nancy when Thelma is present.

W.J Lovell